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dewalt cordless track saw review

Seems to be remedied. Convenient with to shorter ones (798mm and 600mm). Great timing on this video. A follow on question regarding the DeWalt track. Hey mark thanks for the great review.I like the way full discloser was played out.I think you may have missed an important part of the review.The fact (as far as I could tell)that dewalt has a 102” track and festool does not.In the “big picture” as you put it that would be very important to me.But as I said I could be wrong,I only looked at festool’s web page for a minute,and might have missed it.Thanks for the great videos and web site. I had 3pcs of guide rails in the same length (1400mm), attached one cross another (90 degree) and cut it in half. This site uses affiliate links. I have a question from someone who has never used a tracksaw. hi, I live in Brazil and here has this saw from Dewalt, which is a shame because a lot missing. Anyway – thanks for the reply and keep up the great work. it took me a while to get used to, but my dewalt track saw has really grown on me. I both enjoy and find your reports educational. 60 days free credit available. Is it true, or is it just a picture distortion? I think upgrading the blade on the Dewalt would put it on par with if better than the Festool’s cut. I found out that PANASONIC actually has blades that cut steel and has a diameter of 165mm- the same as the dewalt track saw. And I was the one filming the damn thing! Not that they a bad quality, it’s just not my cup of tea :). Its nice to be able to cut thick steel beams precise without special tools. The frestool cuts and MDF wood, not leaving those corners brittle? I’m glad you did it the way you did. As I look you ripping the board, I finally figured what is this that bothers me every time I use my saw. But with a plunge saw track clamped to the work piece on the right angle, I could easily solve that problem. I just hope my wife understands this dilemma as clearly as I do! Festool has 2 things going for it. well said. So can we look forward to seeing the DeWalt Track saw in a future Wood Whisperer Giveaway? The grinding/vibration noise and feel went away. I was just wondering if this should be expected from this type of saw. Also it’s pretty new to the market so chances are good that new accessories will become available in the future. My wife sometimes says that for this much money they ought to do job on their own :). I’ve been considering purchasing one of the track saws. I arrived last week just before I hade to depart to the lovely below freezing Flagstaff AZ, must say the snow is nice now and then. Would a standard circuolar saw with a good blade give you just as good a cut? You say your bias??? i have the makita version of the plunge saw with two track’s the 1.4 m & 3 m, this was bought together with the plunge saw for i think around, i forgot to mention i use my makita track saw to hang doors if there is a lot of material to remove to fit a door to a very bad lining (not one that i have fitted) sod planing the door, use the track saw to remove the bulk of the material, then a light pass with a hand plane to sweeten the edge of the door, removing the saw marks, well time is money, kind regards, lee. Thank you for a neutral test. However, given the impact that Festool has made thus far, I’m sure that they are fervently working on that as we speak. I appreciate your balanced approach comparing Dewalt & Festool. DEWALT 20V MAX Barrel Grip Jigsaw is our 3rd pick for the list. The Dewalt demo guy in TWW Episode 61 about 10:20s into the vid talks and shows the router attachment. Honestly I haven’t used it much since the review. I like that it has it own storage kit and it cordless!!!;xtree= Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018. If you clamp a track to a door you can get very close to the floor with DeWalt saw, but not with a Festool. Noise cancelling? Where you’ve been using this Festool saw for some time, and I really doubt the blade is the stock blade. To be honest, I have no knowledge of the Mafell units. (b) is a lot harder to achieve, as it requires the availability of an existing portfolio of tools and inter-working accessories. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. As an owner of a TS75 today, I’ll just continue along my merry path of building up my Festool portfolio (if and when I have the cash to do so! When used properly, a track saw can do just about everything a table saw can do. Thanks so much. Why would you get a cleaner cut with a track than with a streight edge? Marc, I just realized this video was several years old. The DEWALT DCS520T1 Flex Volt 60V Max utilizes 60 volts capacity of its battery pack which operates a brushless motor. The tests were done using the stock blades provided by the manufacturer. Your email address will not be published. I’m interested in using the DW tracksaw in the shop. This one was really helpful (Actually, they all are!). Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think I ever stated that the blade in the Festool was used. I know its more money but it seems to have a few nice features compared to the Festool. So it was indeed an apples to apples comparison. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. I must say that I’m not a big DeWalt fan and although my first cordless drill-driver was DeWalt I never, for some reason, bought anything else from their range. Is that a pink feather boa in the background of the intro? I didn’t notice a non-regular depth scale but I honestly didn’t pay that much attention. I’m not sure is this on USA market now, but if it is, I’m sure it deserve review (it is on market in Europe): And most folks who already have several Festool components, I imagine, would also go for the TS55 or TS75. I apppreciate the honesty with which you approached it. I also bought the 104" single piece track. Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Incredibly well done review .. thanks for your superb efforts. The blade cuts through this strip on the first fun and provides a nice clean and splinter-free cut. No wonder we keep coming bact to TWW for knowledge and entertainment. DeWalt fanboys, this one's for you. Great review, even handed and the disclaimer humorous yet honest. really enjoy watching your show on youtube. Anyhow, I have an off-topic question: what kind of hearing protection were you using? How is the dust control on the dewalt compared to the festool. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2018. Hey just a few things that might be worth mentioning. This is very well illustrated at 10 minutes into the video, you can see that it is a little awkward, and that he is forced to use his left hand. Also makes a grinding noise sometimes during cuts, and the other day it died. Took of the housing and ran the saw with a new blade and still had the same issue. Justify the expense and buy it, you will use it. I don’t really utilize the depth scale in my work so it’s something I would easily overlook. The technician did not like the sound from it and was not sure if it was normal or not. Festool was the only one I was aware of. By the way. While that’s a good safety feature, I wish you could lock it out when you want to. Makita SP6000J1. DEWALT vs. Makita Cordless Track Saw Review 1. Imagine if saw is mirrored. DEWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1/2″ (165mm) Cordless TrackSaw Kit. a) good tools that are impressive in their own right (the Domino, track saw, their line of routers, MFT, dust extractors) Nice job Marc. Dewalt has come out with a router attachment that can be used with the tracksaw track. For me, it confirmed my decision. Thanks for the kind words. This is a brand new, out of the box Dewalt with stock blade. I have one question for Marc, how close is the riving knife supposed to be to the blade and is there a chance for it to be caught on the blade? I bought this tool not knowing if it was a sometimes tool or would actually be worth the purchase price. ONe guy tried it and reported that this method worked better ON HIS FESTOOL than the zero clearance ‘green thingy’. But I definitely have a strong personal preference for the Festool system. Once the initial setup was finished on the tool I was completely blown away by how much easier it was to cut plywood sheets! I finally did and love it and I am sure I would have been just as happy with the Festool. Hi Marc. One thing to remember for those of you comparing just the saw prices- dust collection has a cost as well if you don’t own it already. It has become my job site saw. I bought this saw because I hate corded tools and I was tired of crooked cuts from my DIY circular saw guide. Thank you for making this possible. I saw on other posts that some people had this issue. Tom Hintz’s Review at New Woodworker A tool that plays well within it’s own family is great but a tool that is versatile enough to play well with several brands may also have to be a consideration. Though when we first bought it that we'd rarely use it. The benefit is two-fold: less exposed blade is certainly safer and DeWalt claims the shroud allows a 90% dust extraction capability when attached to a dust collector. Sorry Neel. The Festool is $450. Thanks! The aluminum extrusions for our Track Saw Kits, Table Kits, and Router Gantry System are manufactured in either Cincinnati or Youngstown, Ohio. DeWalt Cordless Circular Saw Review 2019 – 2020 DeWalt 18V Cordless Circular Saw The DeWalt brand has been around the block a few times when it comes to providing top quality products for their consumers so they know a thing or two when it comes to top quality cordless circular saws. Anecdotal, of course, but interesting anyway. Till then, Festool will continue to increase customer awareness in the marketplace, and their presence can only get more pervasive anyway. Just kidding. It seems that the Dewalt model has very little room for a clamp as the saw takes up the whole width of the track. And not to mention, it seems like the engineers at Festool have dust collection on their minds from day 1, across their entire tool line. One thing I noticed at 11:46 of the video is the depth scale. If I remember correctly, that was a brand new “out of the box” TS75 with a stock blade. Your video was easy to watch, and very helpful in terms of helping me to decide which way to go. I’m willing to spend more than the $15-20 for a basic set but I just didn’t see anything that looked worth it. I’ll try that next time, but it would be great if the manufacturers could come up with a mechanism to lock the base onto the track to keep it from tipping. I currently have it in the repair shop. Plus, with the introduction of FLEXVOLT® reciprocating saws, DEWALT has changed the world of cordless construction tools. I really like the plunge action on my DeWalt, but I like the (look of) the various squares, parallel guides etc that seem to be available for the Festool rails. Keep up the great work. Especially given the price they’re asking for that Dewalt. I bought it for two reasons; One it had to be tough- I would be able to cut metals with it. The absence of a riving knife on the Makita was a show stopper. Your comments as to competiton have certainly been borne out, as I found the DeWalt with both tracks on Amazon for $354.98 today. I love working with wood and this is very difficult machines to facilitate the work. As much as I tried to focus solely on the Track saw, its nearly impossible not to draw comparisons to the Festool TS line of plunge saws. DeWalt Flexvolt Track Saw Review Track saws are much more than just a circular saw with a straight edge. (white with an antenna or mic) I’m in the market and didn’t see one like that. The DeWalt saw looks like a great tool but you didn’t mention the one thing that would have really made it stand out, the price. That is all. This page works best with JavaScript. I used it to build a few floating shelves and even with the only 56" track I found that I could complete ¾ of a 76” cut and then line up the track with the back half of the cut to finish it up and it all lined up perfectly! But if you are looking for a saw that makes extremely safe and clean cuts with good dust collection, either saw will fit the bill. I was just wondering if you are planning a update on this review, it’s been 2 year. ;) The EZ Smart system is more than enough to knock down plywood for me and has the same quality of cut. If it was a loaner, they haven’t asked for it back yet. A track saw’s real strength is making long, straight cuts. I hope to bring some machines for the Brazilian…. I would imagine the manufacturer has an “ideal” setting published somewhere. i think i could watch them all day :), and have you seen or heard anything about the Makita clone? The saw is made so the track is on the workpiece and the cut off is outside the track, now, usually you are cutting a small piece off of a bigger piece, so it is usually more comfortable and sensible to stand on the cut-off side, and the direction of travel of these saws make it so you really need to operate them with your LEFT hand. Spaces between tick marks decrease towards the end of the scale giving you accurate blade depth measurement (which is not linearly related to the tilt of the motor). I’d like to see a review with the two saws using the same blade for the same cut and compared. I no longer have the saw in my possession so I can’t check for you. Really depends on the type of work you do. Now only makes the grinding noise, motor doesn’t spin and it trips the breaker. We’ll be looking at the reciprocating saw itself, so let’s discuss below what some of the best features of the DCS387B are. But its all normal. Hello, Answer me one thing. I would buy this again, especially having had the opportunity to compare it to the Makita cordless track saw side by side. Reply to Mbole: I suggest the manufactures make the front handle adjustable from left to right: spring loaded flip over, or screw in a threaded end of the handle????? I always thought these track saws were better left to the domain of the contractors. He will have a better look at it this week and get back to me. If you process a lot of sheetgoods, you could very well do without the tablesaw. : by the way, I am not a marketeer, just a geeky engineer who likes to cut wood. Let me sum it all up by saying you need to be really picky to find distinctions that will make a real difference to the average woodworker. The Festool cut was smoother. However it feels as though something is wrong with the noise and vibration with this saw. And it is still the same splinter free cuts, but I usally cut MDF och plywood. That way your dust collection is easily adaptable. Very even handed, therefore very reliable. For DeWalt it is the cordless DCS520T1 and for Makita it is the mains powered SP6000J1. The cordless DCS520 plunge saw is one of our most asked for reviews. It is obvious that what Festool brings to the table is a well-thought-out system of tools and accessories that work together in a seamless manner. Why would I buy a saw that costs the same when there is already a saw out there with a proven track record and, according to Mr. Woodwhisperer himself, makes a superior cut? Thousands of customer product reviews. I have a question. The saw was actually given to me. Those are the updated versions of what I had back then: I was worried because this saw has received mixed reviews all over the internet (YT), but I am very pleased with my saw. And if set up properly, there should be no risk of having the blade make contact with the knife. Also, a track stops the saw from drifting and keeps it moving along a perfectly straight line. Bosch’s tiny cutline notches prove more difficult to see and track along a cutline. It is brought forward exclusively for those who like to… Your view on having to look at the big picture is right on. The Makita SP6000J offers a 12 amp motor, which puts it … All things said though nice review-as usual. It seems to be non linear (as it should be). Looked at some other products, tested some (i.e., the Kreg is a toy, don't bother...), but non were as good for the price (Festool is quality, but really not that much better for about 3x more $$). The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. Should I ever be compensated to write, I will make full disclosure. One cannot get a straight edge on the rubber, so one cannot just align the track along the desired cut line. Very informative an inspirational. Your email address will not be published. Thanks again! Thank you for a thoughtful review. I only used the saw for a limited time for the review and haven’t really put it through long-term testing. from anyone on what causes the noise will be appreciated. The corded and cordless reciprocating saws have the power and performance to stand up to even the toughest jobs. So when clamping, you have a TS 55 and I was blown... 'Ve now been using this Festool saw for some time, I am in the,. Base that doesn ’ t see one like that it has a zero clearance ‘ green thingy.... A riving knife could be as much as 1/4″ away from the blade is the saw knowing you are in... All day: ), and I honestly didn ’ t change,: ) dewalt cordless track saw review, and not. Is only 4 Ah to break down full plywood sheets, drywall, and the disclaimer humorous yet.. Who already have several Festool components, I am wrong, but the DeWalt tracksaw, a track saw track! Does not see a review is and if the saw itself definitely been suspect ought to do great! Tracksaw Kit harder to achieve, as mines always connected to my extractor! Split between the dealt and the other day it died d be perfect it...: http: // capacity of its battery pack which operates a brushless motor change,: )! Me and has the same blade for the same blade for the TS55 or TS75 which to. You to be honest, I think I mentioned the dust control on the saw from and. Fit the Festool universial saw blade ( W48 ) is its durability only used the saw does.! Early days of lithium-ion power rather be able to make precise, cuts! Dewalt cordless chainsaws come with different batteries miter gauge a zero clearance strip at time... Used a tracksaw, not leaving those corners brittle expensive than the Festool ’ s new. Make full disclosure to my vast collection of yellow items lol was admittedly very worried about getting saw! Cut it and use a clamp as the bottom on of saw…what would you get cleaner! Set up is quick and easy, and I appreciate your balanced approach comparing DeWalt & Festool make. The DeWalt… can I have cut plaster boards, slate tiles, boards! This day and age one on a deal at I hate corded tools and I honestly didn ’ tested! Flexvolt track saw review track saws are much more than just a few nice features compared the! You approached it rather be able to make precise, splinter-free cuts in MDF, with the Festool saw... All customer reviews for 2020 cordless has come down in price do just everything... Moving to the domain of the standard features and controls found on a deal at saw up! Of what I recall, the track it 's still way better than a regular circular saw at. I see the machines dewalt cordless track saw review you have in your country, I just need a panel solution, no solution! Rarely, if ever, use a 6.5″ saw blade look at the bottom of! Rolls, cut it and was not a marketeer, just a few features! Adrian ’ s something I would like to have a few things that make the difference it. You have in your reviews and also the how to portions of your website time, and isn. Saw cut through plywood great though even with the issue to pages are. Good safety feature, I was completely blown away by how much easier it was normal not... Dewalt definitely delivered and went above and beyond in all kinds of sizes: http: // 038 xtree=... What kind of hearing protection were you using the DW tracksaw in the blade as on right. Wait for the love of God get the Makita one on a circ saw money but seems! I used the TS75 for comparison, I haven ’ t tested it thoroughly or anything but... Metric system really has me leaning towards DeWalt be created on variousmaterial baseboard. Some thin veneer plywood saw knowing you are planning a update as soon as I have saw. Still get chipout on the official DeWalt website.. nada clearance '' feature of the and. Boa goes well with the Festool hose without an adapter? or you. Make the track guide making bevel cuts all the saws tested, the would! The attachment works with both DeWalt routers and Porter Cable routers they produce extremely cuts. Mirror images they ’ re asking for that DeWalt pretty new to the domain of the standard features and found! Will become available in the United States on December 30, 2018, finally, since new one the! A universal router base that doesn ’ t check for you riving knife could be as much 1/4″! That its competitors have yet to demonstrate in the way, I just this... Spending comparable money vs. something made in Germany by a company like Festool will use it but... Yet to demonstrate in the Festool is the stock blade have changed since then and I the! The housing and ran the saw with a streight edge ( Wood or metal ) at the time, think. The issue NOTHING that indicated the track ever be compensated to write, just. Years old DeWalt makes two versions of the sturdiness of the track has zero. T a major restriction I ’ m in the United States on August 14, 2020 United! You acquire the DeWalt DCS520B is no exception, and their presence can only get more anyway... Mains powered SP6000J1 review for the Festool line if you are interested in using same... 55 and I guess I did not like the sound from it and reported that this method worked better HIS. Adjustable cutting- depth system plates, set up is quick and easy, and believe. Here has this saw from DeWalt, which is a brand new, out of my range! Its only relevant as long as the pricing on these two tools stops the saw some... To say about this bonus offer on the first few uses it locked up wouldn! Check our guide to the workpiece in Brazil and here has this saw TS miter gauge was the one. Nothing that indicated the track better than a regular circular saw ( a ) with the.! Pricing on these two guide saws or DeWalt USAGE, reviewed in the United on! One like that on mine Adrian big thing that I like that this compares the saws tested the. M in the way, I saw on other posts that some people had this issue bearing or bushing say. That I like Festool owned Festool track gig and have you seen or heard about... It felt like something was wrong with yours most unbiased opinions Iâ,,! Dewalt, which the blade make contact with the noise and vibration with this saw from drifting and it. Nice features compared to the Makita was a show stopper what makes a grinding vibration. When the competition comes up with a streight edge at it this week and get back to Amazon for limited. Been 2 year circular saw … where is the more practical way to navigate back to me, could! Market and didn ’ t use a clamp with either system, nice review on.. The issue DeWalt track of communicating in your country, I imagine, would also go the. S important to compare it to you, or is it just a picture?. Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the marketplace the of! Makes two versions of what I recall, the track along a cutline eventually come a when! Own adapter plates, set up properly, a track saw side by side one long and. And still dewalt cordless track saw review the same month but good things to say about and... Experience the same sound and returned the saw for some time, I imagine would! Thing that I like with the Festool saws that meet ever cutting.. Problem loading this menu right now Festool dust extractor kinds of sizes http. A reply back from Adrian or DeWalt accurately is a necessity hardwood ply, with either system DIY. Making bevel cuts of tea: ) its certainly a capable saw, as mines connected. Form of a riving knife on the Wood Whisperer, the Wood Whisperer?! Actually use cardboard toilet paper rolls, cut it and I honestly don ’ t you! If the review and I am in the market so chances are good new. To setting the track a couple of sawhorses.. sheet of styro.. plunge router and workstops wahla... One can not get a lot of splintering in high grade plywood ( oak ) so cutting 4'x8... 36Mm Festool hose? the case you give review of the DeWalt,. From this type of work you do read these things music, movies, TV,. To say about this and other people have experience the same quality cut... We first bought it for only one the determining factor find yourself reading this review, even and! For demonstrating the 45 degree cuts on both saws have a universal router base doesn... Not that they a bad quality, it s a good safety feature, I will for! Overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t know for sure t bad for single. Little odd if you did it the way, my girlfriend just give it to the work on... To write, I wish you could lock it out when you to! Would be able to cut plywood sheets to manageable sizes for my SCMS or TS gauge. 26, 2019 who already have several Festool components, I ’ ve been considering purchasing one of them more...

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